C3PM helps you maximize your real estate investments

Our Construction Cost Services:

  • Management of the due diligence period – pre-acquisition of a property or building

  • Property condition assessment (PCA)

  • Feasibility study and construction cost estimate

  • Project management : coordinating the professionals and others involved in the project

  • Cash-flow control during the construction phase

Based on a solid project management experience, C3PM manages all or part of a project and works within the set budgets and timelines.

Let C3PM manage your real estate project!

Marc Larivière , President.

Partner Services


Our architects—all members of the Ordre des Architectes du Québec—specialize in design and construction as well as the rehabilitation of existing buildings.

They meet your business needs and take an up-to-date approach by suggesting conventional or technologically advanced energy-saving solutions. Our team has extensive experience in a number of fields.

Allow C3PM’s architects to inspire you.
Our architect partners are Atelier Pierre Cartier.


C3PM’s team of landscape architects can make the exterior of your building reflect the same care and attention you put into the interior.

You can expect consultations with our experts; simulations; site, levelling and planting plans; and site supervision, all to enhance the look of your property.

Our landscape architect partner is Véronique Lalonde


C3PM offers a full range of surveying services, for small to mega real estate projects and anything in between.

Our expert land surveyors have experience in land and technical surveys, geomatics, topography, volumetric analysis and micro-geodesy.

Our surveying partner is Berard Tremblay.


With the help its many partners, C3PM manages your commercial, industrial or institutional construction projects.

Whether you pick and choose individual services or opt for the turnkey package, we offer detail-oriented project management and exceptional results. Since cost control is a C3PM specialty, you will maximize your investments.

Our construction partners are carefully selected based on the needs of each client.


Trust C3PM to understand, characterizing and rehabilitate your property. Our experts, accredited by the Ministère du développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs du Québec and ISO 9001 certified, take a practical approach and draw on their exemplary technical expertise.

In addition to environmental characterization, C3PM offers environmental compliance services, wetland characterization, risk analysis, development and management of contaminated site rehabilitation programs and much more.

Our environment partner is Sanexen Services Environnementaux Inc.


Recognized by the Ordre des Évaluateurs Agréés du Québec, C3PM’s appraisers are highly discerning. This team of professionals can offer advice on a building’s potential uses, target markets, the area’s specific constraints and competing properties. This allows C3PM clients to assess the security and profitability of a real estate investment, the development and management of a real estate portfolio and the best way to position an asset on the market.

C3PM partners draw on over 45 years of experience in acquisition, sales, expropriation, municipal tax, commercial arbitration and risk insurance.

Our partners and chartered appraisers are Raymond, Joyal, Cadieux, Paquette & Associés Ltée.


The creation of innovative concepts allowing the development of unique, viable, attractive urban environments that respect the precepts of sustainable development forms the basis of our activities.

The work method and development approach of our partners have often given rise to new ideas initially overlooked by the client.

In this regard, C3PM urbanism team of experts is noted for its skillful development of innovative solutions enhancing the social, financial and ecological spinoffs of development projects or planning activities.

Our urbanism partners are Fahey + associés.


Call on C3PM’s structural engineers for a solid foundation, after all, they are members of “l’Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec” and the Professional Engineers of Ontario.

Whether you are planning an extension, a renovation or a remodel or are building a new commercial, institutional or industrial space, C3PM can help by:

• Evaluating the structure’s condition and capacity
• Conducting a feasibility study of the extension or renovation
• Preparing structural plans and specifications
• Assisting with the design process
• Inspecting the structural work

Our partner in structural engineering is STRUXAR.


C3PM’s logistical experts can improve your processes and offer value-added production tools (PVA/lean manufacturing) such as space optimization, Unisine technology, kaisen implementation, information system development, strategic management of operating hours, etc.

Re-engineering your processes, logistics chain or supply methods as part of a real estate investment will allow you to make considerable savings and improve your company’s overall performance.

Our logistical partners are Medgistix.


Our mechanical, electrical and civil engineering partners—all members of the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec—can meet all of your needs.
Working with their comprehensive methodology, they are able to draw up plans for new buildings as well as produce certificates of compliance.

C3PM oversees all civil engineering work (drainage wells, municipal services, rainfall, sanitary, water holding, etc.) as well as mechanical and electrical engineering projects (ventilation, plumbing, assessment of your electrical needs).

Our structural engineering partner is GS Consultants, Groupe Roche Conseils and Groupe DGS.


Allow C3PM to conduct your geotechnical and environmental studies. Services include plans; specifications; supervising concrete, paving and waterproofing work; as well as all laboratory studies. C3PM handles all the concrete-related aspects.

Our partner for geotechnical studies and lab testing is GS Consultants.